Incognito: a Tor LiveCD

3 October 2007 at 8:47 am (Gentoo, Tor) (, , , )

I want to quickly give a plug for Incognito, a very handy anonymity tool. It’s a Live CD, which means you burn it to disc with a standard CD burning tool, then boot your computer with the CD in the drive, and this separate operating system starts up; take out the disc and reboot, and your normal operating system (such as Windows or Ubuntu) is running again.

The most notable feature of Incognito is that by default, all your network traffic is routed through Tor. This basically means that to prying eyes, snoopers, and eavesdroppers, your IP address is concealed.

For those users already familiar with Tor, the appeal of Incognito is to have a bootable anonymity toolkit available to you wherever you go, at any computer. It works very well, and as of right now, it is being actively maintained by the friendly Pat Double. Go check it out.


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