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5 October 2007 at 6:54 pm (Fedora, Tor) (, )

Get Tor and Privoxy running in Fedora 7:

I downloaded the most recent tor and privoxy, using pirut. Configured /etc/privoxy/config and made the following changes:

#logfile logfile #commented out this line
#jarfile jarfile #commented out this line
#debug 1 # show each GET/POST/CONNECT request #commented out this line
forward-socks4a / . #added this line
forward 192.168.*.*/ . #added this line
forward 10.*.*.*/ . #added this line
forward 127.*.*.*/ . #added this line
enable-remote-toggle 0 #changed this to 0 as suggested here
enable-remote-http-toggle 0 #changed this to 0
enable-edit-actions 0 #changed this to 0

Tor and privoxy are now installed, tor can be considered configured by default, and privoxy is now configured. But they aren’t going to run at startup. To make that happen, you have to run:

chkconfig --add tor
chkconfig tor on
chkconfig --add privoxy
chkconfig privoxy on

Actually I’m not sure that the “--add” commands are necessary. I’m kind of clumsy with this stuff. But I do know it all works after this; tor and privoxy will start on boot. I did make one change to /etc/tor/torrc to uncomment the line “Log notice file /var/log/tor/notices.log” which gives me the basic operational messages I’m used to seeing. After making that change it is necessary to execute “service tor restart”.

Later I may try to get Vidalia installed, but it’s not in the Fedora depos, so I’m not going to mess with it right now.



  1. kkvv said,

    […] Tor) (Tagged: -no-remote, moz_plugin_path, profile manager, profiles) Last post dealt with installing tor and privoxy. Time now to get Firefox ready to use anonymously. Much of this post will be Firefox-specific, so […]

  2. vidalia on linux « kkvv said,

    […] Previously I had Tor running as a service, without Vidalia. That setup worked fine, but I also wanted a Tor controller, in order to easily change exit nodes. Since my Fedora 7 has GNOME already and not KDE, there’s no obvious solution. I could find a way to use TorK, or find a way to use Vidalia. I’m already accustomed to Vidalia, so that’s my choice. […]

  3. Viagra Rules said,

    The tor button is NOT SECURE! But were is the system settings for people whom do
    not want the button. When using firefox. I have looked and looked and can not find those simple settings. Has TOR been sold out? To a back door????

  4. Jeremy said,

    Viagra Rules, could you elaborate on your comment?

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